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Front-end development and back-end development

What is front-end, development and what back-end development and what is diffrents between that?

7/19/2018 1:32:46 PM


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Frontend is the visible and interactive part of a website and consists of your HTML & CSS Backend consists of your Javascript & PHP scripts That's my explanation...


Hello, Kalaba ! In web applications, it is conventionally assumed that the front-end is everything that came from the web server to the browser (also called the "client side"), and what works on the server is considered back-end. I can say that the division is very conditional, because both on the server side and in the browser can be both front-end and back-end. Good luck in programming on SoloLearn!


on my own view, front end is the part what is the end user/customer sees or used(not admin). These includes webpage design layout, certain forms like (login, register, comments or reviews, blog page, etc etc) and back end is the provider of the data on the front end and it also provide reports, audit logs, and module configurations etc and it commonly uses by the administrator of the website.


Kalaba yes


frontend is what we design in our website which we look and feel which is designed by using html ,bootstrap and css back-end means whatever the data which we are giving through website is stored in a corresponding database server. which is designed by phone, python etc.


front-end are web designers that make webpages and sites while back-end are developers i.e they work at the server side of the web and the combination of both is "a full stack developer"....


Abdulsalam Abdulsamad Rochelle Yang Canale Ramya Alexander Sokolov Rorschach So front-end is visual part and its made of HTML and CSS and back-end is what is happening behind curtain and its made of PHP and javascript?


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