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Programming hub vs encode vs sololearn

Which one do you prefer?

7/16/2018 4:26:48 PM

Hosein Khoojooyan

12 Answers

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sololearn has the best interface and the community is active and it's free... so i guess it's the reasonable choice.


Sololearn is the best. Without a doubt.


i think "solo learn", the best app & web site. Explains everything. And the level is, you can compete with all. That's inetersting


I've only tried programming hub and sololearn but I prefer sololearn


programming hub doesnt have a text editor, dont have a community at all.


is there any other app available other than sololearn ???


this app is beautiful, am a ICT student and this app as put me back on track with programming, simple and easy explanation, i strongly believe it can be useful to students and alike


There are a ton of apps or websites you could visit that teach you programming but personally I'd recommend Sololearn because it has an active community and has a very effective way of teaching


I advice for my experience for begineer *= sololearn! if (developer) other_app else sololearn! thats your choice


You can also try, there are many task to do which become more complicated.


I like to sololearn from others because sololearn have best features and understand code others will not bad like programming hub are more programming than sololearn but from remembering code my advice sololearn


Not just programming in sololearn but complete basic coding in sololearn! they good for beginners which really want to understand coding some app not easily described coding but many programmings