Is Jquery outdated in 2018?? Please, tell me know. Tks alot!

7/12/2018 9:53:24 AM

Hoang Anh

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Javascript becomes simpler and more powerful every year. So, it feels like there is no need in jQuery anymore. Of course, some old projects use it. So it's still worth learning.


Hello, Hoang Anh ! jQuery is still widely used. jQuery is still often updated (in fact, the main release was released last month). jQuery is not "out of date". https://www.sololearn.com/Course/jQuery/?ref=app


JavaScript is getting easier to write and less verbose with ES6. You don't need jQuery, which is a JavaScript library.


Honia Dana Es9 is current ecmascript version.


Learn ES6.


JQuery is still used by a lot of sites but it has definitely seen a decrease in its popularity & user base. In my humble opinion you should focus on learning the basics of js first and then focus on a library/framework you like.




@Alexander thank you, that helps me alot!


tks man


Learn ES6.


@Calvin oh! Now i get it. Tks!


why? i dont get it @@