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how to start machine learning

to know its basics and how to install in pc

7/12/2018 6:24:05 AM

Shobith Shobi

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On Sololearn You can find some basic theory about ML. And to practice use Tensorflow. It's great framework for ML.


An excellent yt channel for machine learning: See also: Session 1 - Algorithms and Graphs - Intelligence and Learning: Session 6 - TensorFlow.js - Intelligence and Learning:

+5 Is free


For machine learning, I recommend you learn Python. Then search up 3blue1brown's videos about neural nets. He explains it very nicely. Then go to the youtube channel sentdex and there you will find his playlist of machine learning tutorials which are very helpful. He also has tutorials about TensorFlow which a framework for ML.


A machine learning course below by stanford prof. Andrew Ng was really amazing. I do recommend it.


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