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Why should 2018 programmers not learn php

the fate of php

7/7/2018 12:12:10 AM

Johnson Hope Opeoluwa

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Doesn't take long to learn, so no reason not to. As for the future of PHP, although it's on a decline, you have to take into consideration how much is it actually used all over the place and how long it would be until most people transitioned away from it when it's already working fine for their systems. So will it be useful for awhile? Yup. Ultimately depends upon the type of work you'll be doing later or whatever situation may find yourself in that's unexpected. Better to have tools and not need to use them than needing a tool and not having it.


Fata1 Err0r huh? What is currently replacing php?


@ACAB\\ Mela BAKAta and @Andre Daniel if you are in web development, i advice you to learn JavaScript because most of the leading frameworks in web development are JavaScript frameworks. Frameworks like react and Angular are a must learn frameworks because they are taking over web development and React Native JavaScript framework for mobile app development is also taking over in mobile apps development, so I think JavaScript is a must learn language because its taking over. I would say JavaScript is replacing php.


You can say us What currently replacing php ?


yeah what is replacing php? js perhaps in websites?