Why are you learning programming? Let us know the reason for your motivation. it can help and motivate us.

when the purpose of a thing is not known...

7/4/2018 5:39:26 PM

🥇Rinde Olaniyi (Ph.D.)🥇

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I learn programming because I like to create different useful programs. It's kinda addicting to learn something new every day and being surprised by discovering new things.


Because we can define our own rules, we can build whatever we want to build from scratch. Just close your eyes and imagine that's it. programming is a great thing that obsessed me a lot because we make computer to work on our orders. It can make our things a lot easy. Programming can be a good social work also, If anybody wants to learn something, programmers created online courses like Sololearn etc. If you know a bit of programming just imagine and built it, it can help you to see problem and world with different eyesight and also help to increase cognition power. That's why I love to code if anybody like this, please give upvote


To start moving my ass, instead of playing games maybe creating them would be better. It would help me in my life in the future thats for sure


OLANIYI, Babarinde Isola thanks ❤❤❤💞💞💞🍷


I wanna be beauty + brain.💞💞💞 I love programming&physics❤❤❤❤✌✌✌✌


to be an ethical hacker. a white hat hacker


Yash 😍😍😎😎


I got a little into programming when I was much younger, with BASIC on my ZX Spectrum! I really enjoyed it back then, and always thought I might've been a good coder if I'd pursued it a bit more... I love Android and PC applications and would love to develop my own, so I am starting with Kotlin, Java and C#! I also play a game called Second Life, which uses a Java-based scripting language in game, hehe. :)


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Because i want to develope my country,with programming technology,our countrt always buys softwares from abroad and that is so shameful.


To beat some people in my locality and show them their real place, that is under me


well, in my case it's for securing a good job but apart from this i find coding fun to do thing. You can do a lot of creative stuff without even moving your ass a bit all you need is your curiosity to know stuff of coding.


OLANIYI, Babarinde Isola I do it because it can help people and something I like to do... I summarized it in the past here: https://code.sololearn.com/WuQ274OxAtNi/?ref=app Hope this helps!


Life has been good to me but I find myself about to turn 40 rescuing myself. It is never too late to chase our dreams and so with the support of my family I'm starting on this road for the 4th time. I'm using SoloLearn to get myself back into it while I wait for the Fall term to start. This is the long story of why I'm here now. Once upon a time (some 20 years ago), I went to university to become a computer programmer. I was not able to complete my first year of study as my mother arrange for us to leave Cuba in search of a better life. We headed to Costa Rica with the hopes of starting anew. All was well in that beautiful place, it took about a year for us to settle and life to start shaping up again, I went back to University, but since I never finished my first year of studies the school did not recognize any of the classes and I had to start from the beginning. So I did and at 20 I put all my effort into it while holding a full-time job. However, we were presented with the opportunity to come to the United States and so we did. About nine months after I had started school for the second time I found myself in a new country. This time the future seemed brighter, yet more difficult to achieve, as an added hurdle I had to learn a new language of which I knew nothing. I became obsessed with learning English, and it paid off, I was decently fluent after only a few months. Learning the language allowed me to enroll for the 3rd time in university to pursue my dream of becoming a programmer, yet life got in the way and I became a mom at 22. I decided to put school on hold and dedicate myself to being a Mom, and so I did. I love the life I've lived and wouldn't change it for the world, but it is about time I get back to what I wanted.


To build things


I love thinking out of the box... Given any scenario when we realize it and try to put into blocks of code is fun and a nice activity!!! I'm not from a family who are exposed to computer machines...as a very first individual who has got the opportunity to communicate and connect with these systems gives me lots of energy and boosts my brain to think different and make things simpler....now I have also recommended my siblings and cousins to learn computer languages and develop passion for coding!!! coding always makes me happier!!! HAPPY CODING 😊😊😊


I was fascinated from this logical problems and how to solve them. First I hoped anyone (the computer) would finally do what I say (I know this better now ;)). And Im to lazy to do this stuff manually


I'm trying to become an mobile app developer for android so I'm learning kotlin and Android development! I hope everyone reaches their goals :)


I learn Java because I just love programming.I recently started developing my own android apps using AIDE app.It really feels me happy and proud as I am just 14 years old. The another reason is that I want to prepare myself for the Software Industry in the upcoming decades. I only needs your support and suggestions. Check out my android apps here: https://code.sololearn.com/WBWEEB4xJcE8/?ref=app