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Where are posts posted?

In the app we have the activity feed with a lot of posts. How does one post? As far as tabs go we have Learning, Challenges, Activity Feed, Codes and Q&A...

7/3/2018 1:00:31 PM

Alejandra Camus

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Threads and thread posts are posted in Q&A. Lesson comments are posted in lesson comment sections. Feed posts are posted in your feed. https://www.sololearn.com/post/903/?ref=app


Hello, Alejandro Camus ! What do you mean? Please write in more detail, and then people will be able to help you. Good luck!


Alexander Sokolov I meant how to post on the feed. Hatsy Rei 's post made it clear. Thanks!


Hatsy Rei Yes! in the latest version one has to click on the "what's going on?" text. Thanks!