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Kotlin Certificate Course

Are there plans to make Kotlin Course with quizzes and a certificate like the other 12 courses? Update: With the new update of the iOS app, it almost looks like Kotlin is a new Certificate course but it’s missing the quizzes 🤔 Can we submit quizzes for Kotlin using the Quiz Factory?

7/1/2018 6:21:31 AM

Umair Salam

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it should be launched as a complete course addition to 12 other courses.


I think this won't happen because it's a community created course and all the courses where tou get the certificate are made by SL only. And if you want to practice what you learned, just make a code about it if there's no quizzes. But who knows what all plans they have🤷‍♂️


I send several feedbacks to SL. for adding kotlin, sql and other languages(or lessons) to formal courses and user skills that users can get certification of them. Please send your feedbacks to SL. THANKS TO ALL. 👌👏


Im looking and waiting for that . SL is a good source to learn such language


Tim Thuma good point. makes sense. 🤔