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Python compilation

One of the options in question from Python Basic Concepts 2nd question says "Python code must be always compiled" and is false. Why?

6/30/2018 8:45:21 PM

Goshgar Mikayilov

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You have to run your Python Codes in an Interpreter (eg. Pydroid on your Smartphone). Other Language, like c++, must be compiled to create an executable File.


Theres two types of languages... Compiled - the language is translated using software called a ‘compiler’ into another one which can be run later, if the compiler produces efficent good code it, the code generated should be faster e.g. C++ into assemly into machine code (binary) Interpreted - the code is executed on the run using an ‘interpreter’ e.g. Python


thanks, i had very little experience with C++ and VBA. In c++ 1st i wrote some code and then compiled it and then run the application. I am not sure about VBA. i think debugging is kind of compiling. Right?


Debugging is a process of removing bugs from your software