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Advice for new programmer

1-We all were bad in the begining 2-Do not be intimated by how much you dont understand 3-Know that your first hour of programming will be really different from your 100th hour 4-Understand and accept that you will make mistakes 5-There is no 'best language'. Some languages & tools are better at solving some problems than others 6-The best way to get better at programming is to write lots of code 7-Document your code, not only for others but also for yourself. You won't remember the reasoning you had a few months later. 8-Be open about criticism against your code.- 9-becoming an expert does not always mean doing the same task for 10 years 10-Remember than there is a life outside programming

12/22/2016 5:29:18 AM

Adnen Rebai

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There is life outside programming? What API we use for that?


Start by having genuine interest to learn programming.Code infinitely;don't be tied to one coding Language.Pick a language and practice until the end as you collaborate with others at SoloLearn.Once done with it,go to another and learn as much as you can.NOTE:Always think first and solve the problem yourself without looking at others answers.If you did it and still can't find the answer,now check what others are talking about.This way ensures high retention.Don't forget to ask questions and answer some from experts at Quora platform.There,you interact with experienced developers who will take your developer attitude to another level.Example of a question to ask at Quora :What technologies should a full stack developer know in 2016?


Thank you so much for all people in this discuss!! I'm already 40 years old and doesn't have any knowledge about programming. But I'm so encouraged. (sorry...) From Japan.


Just thought I'd comment on this post, I have tried different ways of learning I started learning c++ and jumped in head first in the deep end and it didn't work for me i gave up and quit it for 3 years, I always had the interest to learn but it seemed very hard to get to know all the phrases and what people were talking about, now this time I started I went for python and done a lot of research and now feel there is no rush or need for me to know everything as soon ass possible as I used to think but if I now take my time write everything down understand the code and write different codes qith what I know which could simply just be writing different math subs or different print ('anything') this all helps you learn so if you think oh this is too much or you feel that your not getting it take a step back look at it study it and once you know what the code is and what it does then move on good luck to all new comers !! and happy 2017


Very good advice, Thanks for sharing. Also : keep being curious about how to do things differently, compare different languages and methods, to see what works best in different context.


Miaauw... many thanks.


Don't rush and fully understand what you're gaining. There's no need to undertake many languages all at once or you may get confused.


is this ten commandments of coding?, I like number 6 though


very good advice. 6 and 7!


Well Said @adnen




Great advice! This should be like "Rules of Coding Etiquette" for new programmers. :-)


11- The best way to learn is to teach; share what you've learned with others! 12- Remember that tech constantly changes. Make sure you learn with something new (like SoloLearn!)


I'd add you also need to read a lot of code if you want to become a good programmer. Read and analyze.


Thanks Adnen Rebai 👍


very good advice


Great Advice


Thanks for your advice


Thanks for the head's up.