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Sololearn update [2.2.3]

* See what’s been hot this week! Weekly highlights filter added to the Feed; * The country of the user is now shown in the Profile->Skills section; * Bug fixes and improvements;

6/22/2018 4:26:31 PM

Daljeet Singh

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Thank you for the information Daljeet Singh! I like that I can see the country without opening the local leaderboards now, really nice. And the weekly highlights are helpful when one can't manage to check all activities on a regular basis (like me). Me being thankful @SoloLearnTeam! :D


hey there! wanted to add clarity to in-app purchase discussion. all you have now plus much more will stay and ALWAYS be free to our community. If and when we launch subscription, it will only cover some special features and brand new experience. so no pressure, no need to worry, enjoy sololearning😉👩‍💻👨🏾‍💻


Yeva thank you very much for your explanation


is this only for me or not, but, why they must add in-app purchases?


Thanks to SoloLearn developers🙏🙏🌹


i'll buy nothing... not at all


Good update. Thanks for the info 👍


It is a good update but why Sololearn says it has in-app purchase😓


KrOW Yeva is one of the SoloLearn CEOs. Your feature request for the website has been answered already. Please be patient. I'll try to get some information about using greasemonkey script at the playground.


hope everything goes smoothly "today's sololearner's are future IT candidate"😀


Donna we should be thankful to the devs who are doing all the efforts 👍ATB to The Developers.. edit: welcome! all👍good luck


nonzyro While I completely understand your stance, I believe that Yeva has made it clear that anyone can still learn to code -- The difference is that SoloLearn will be providing users with the choice to opt in to extra features, should they decide that it is worth the penny. I'm sure you've heard of Discord Nitro. Taking my own experience as an example, not paying for Nitro does not impair my ability to utilize Discord to communicate with peers. The reason why, is because the paid content and features do not pertain to core functionalities of the service. -- It was a whole different situation for WhatsApp. :> I have confidence that if SoloLearn is to introduce exclusive features available via in-app purchases, the lack of these paid features would not impair anyone's ability to learn. It would be done in such a manner that donation would be the main drive behind people making in-app purchases, and certainly not for some kind of "privilege".


Lasse Berg Nordhagen I don't see any connection to privacy and the TOS term you mentioned. Users share links on SoloLearn to 3rd party websites. That's a very fair thing to include in the TOS.


KrOW Okay, fingers crossed :)


Thanks, but how do you plan to protect my cc details when -> -Sololearn's newest update wants buy in app permissions. & -In TOS regarding links:"The Services may contain links or connections to third-party websites or services that are not owned or controlled by SoloLearn. When you access third-party websites or use third-party services, you accept that there are risks in doing so, and that SoloLearn is not responsible for such risks. ?


KrOW Yes, she is from solo team.


Yeva My personal feel on in-app purchases is people can buy privileges -- whatever they be! This contradicts SL's principles -- about uplifting those with less finances, etcetera. The whole philosophy will be seen as "Anyone [willing to pay] can learn to code." whether or not it's true. I actually don't mind a business monetising things, but hooking people on a service, then saying pay up is a little below the waist. Remember WhatsApp? Just a rumour and people started looking for alternatives. My main issue is principle: I don't install apps with adverts or in-app purchases. I'd rather buy software once-off. Problem is most software is subscription-ware today. Bet SL would make more as donation-ware. Use BTC/LTC/ETH/XRP/PayPal so users can use cash or crypto? Users like me would gladly donate. Hell I'd pay, but not through the Play Store! And with crypto, not cash! I'm sure this in-app purchase will damage the user-base. Just my thoughts. Also, received no prompt for in-app purchases when updating?


Thank you for this information Daljeet Singh. A few concerns though: -This seems to be leading away from learning and -This update makes it seem like you are stalking people Sorry, but this is my opinion over this update. Please don't take this the wrong way!


Thank you for sharing this information with us, Daljeet Singh Sololearn just keeps getting better!


Tashi N Thank you, i hope in good because i dont want leave this comunity