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Mapping a Group

Mapping a group for a rare brain tumor, the survivors would need 3 location points that will show the relative reason and are connected to each other Birth, Discovery, Removal. Any ideas? ( i am the lead and founder and a fellow brain tumor survivor.

6/20/2018 1:44:48 AM


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Hi Houston congratulations on being a survivor and wanting to help others. I am trying to understand what you need a table or chart with these 3 dates, location, and relative reason for each person? Are you wanting this to have more functions?


Hi Houston , What an interesting project! I'm not an expert on the details of implementing this, but I would start here: and go through the tutorial. While Google's API calls the desired effect "setting Markers," we would more casually call it "dropping pins." I hope this helps put you on the right track! :)


tried useing fusion from answers from a survey, which initaly what I was aming at was along the lines of useing the member’s profile picture at location, with information branches off each location ie, Birth year, a photo of the Hospital user provided or auto find (I was born on a Army Base while my father was in the Air Force in Point #1 El Paso Tx in 62 the ‘Hospital’ looked like a old fashon two floor six room building back then...after living life point #2 happened 47 years later in Rochester NY info braches would be again the a photo of the Hospital and brife explanation of the reason for Discovery (ie collasped in the shower) ten days later my removal happened at another Hospital (U of R) with a branch description of the surgeons Bio.... thats about normal, out of the 360 plus members there are 10 reoccurrences and 3 of those have been 2 to 3 more discoveies and surgries at diffrent hospital locatioms..for discovery and surgerys... Facebook use to map us years ago, and the real amazing view with all that information is you see most of us started mid centeral united states....and just as if the wind blew everyone migrated to the east by north east, two of my members where born 40 miles from each other in Belgum and they moved to homestead florida seperatly...and the meet in a hospital waitin room for the same reason... once seeing the map from Facebook my suspicion as to the cause of my tumor which developed durring my 1st trimester of development was DDT which was used on produces to extend shelf life. any susgestion are welcomed.


oops Google Maps...(sorry)


Thanks for the lead, the conditon btw is a Colloid Cyst which is a benign tumor within the Brain, not a Brain-Tumor so the researchers dont actualy track it. Back Ten years ago the day of my discovery I got on my computer to look up what i was diagnosed with after the ER powdered my butt and sent me home with ‘No Big Deal’ just to read a Wikipeda Page which back then was just a stub...The Wikipedia page for it basicly had the Condition ending in Death, a year after I tackled being a Wikipedia Editor and Modifed and Changed the stub into now a Wiki page. The group is also tackling what neurosurgeon tell us right befor our surgeries that our tumor is So rare we will not meet another that has had one....five years later Five of us got together in Ontario Canada (Belgium, Montreal, New York, Wisconsin and Michigan) for a Photo next to the Horse Shoe Falls just for our new members could have proof that bit of information was incorrect also.