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Angular vs. React vs. Node vs. Vue

I'm not very much of an expert in web development and I know the bare basics of javascript and I know Html & php upto some level. If I'm ever to take a deep dive into the world of javascript which framework should I begin with? The above mentioned seem to be pretty popular among developers and developers I came across often recommended one of the above. Which one should I start learning in your opinion and why?

6/17/2018 1:45:36 PM


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Node IS NOT A FRAMEWORK. It is I/O platform, React ISN'T FRAMEWORK TOO. It is library


If I were you id take the tame to hone your javascript skills as much as you can before you jump into a framework. The thing with frameworks is people tend to do things in them in instances where it would have been easier to do it im vinilla javascript. Once you are st a place where you recoginize times where it would be appropriate to use them id recomend react. It uses this things called components which are really useful and makes data transfer in between pages a breeze. The other great thing about it is the api is decently small so if you have a good handle on js then you shpuld be able to pick up react relativly quickly.