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Challenges in swift

Is there a reason that there are no swift challenges? Seems like it should be easy to implement and that would be useful and fun! Just asking since I didn’t see a question about this when I searched here.

6/16/2018 1:39:40 PM

Umair Salam

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Probably because there's no way to use Swift code inside of Sololearn, maybe there will be in the future. With the other languages, (Java, C, Python, etc.) there is a way to compile it in Sololearn, so that's probably why challenges in swift aren't common here. 👍😉✌️ I hope this helps. Happy coding and good luck! EDIT: ((This answer is now out of date, Swift is here, and more challenges should be released soon. -Seeing Stars))


After the update of Swift language today.. I suppose coding will be possible... Now we just have to wait for the challenges..


Swift is now available on Code playground



≛✯ Seeing Stars ✮≛ there was half-working compiler. And now there’s almost working one.


Anyone have an update on this after the latest Swift update? I want to improve my Swift and Kotlin skills the most & these two don’t have the quizzes on sololearn 🤓


You need people to write a lot of quizzes for it but Quiz creation is currently disabled by Sololearn.