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Is there any way to use sololearn app in computer?

I know that there is only the website to learn in sololearn. but none can play challenges in the website. So it is my request to sololearn to make the website a bit more like the application. But is there any way to use the app in computer?

6/16/2018 12:48:36 PM


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🔛Solo-HTML Maybe this Helps You🔜 I Also Use When Making Challenges It's fast And Good when typing (U can use Bluestacks Or MEMU) In VMWARE WORKSTATION ] but This Makes Slow Or Takes Much CPU if (u use another Operating systems Like Ubuntu, Kali or Windows XP[ I Advice U to Format Android System In Ur Computer Like Ur Current Windows It.U can Get The IOS image in google Download in here . When Formatting -Need 4GB Flash OR More -Download Universal USB Installer -Try Unilisted ISO and then Choose ISO -select Create $ When Done -Turn Of Comptr -Boot it From BIOS Then Follow The app Instructions Install.


I downloaded bluestacks Scooby but my engine does not work and start what should I do?


you can use bluestacks android emulator or other android emulator for pc..


Will be best if SL developer remove the GREAT gap between App and Web version 😒😒😒 (oblivious by adding features to Web and not remove they from App 😁)


Use an Android or iOS emulator.


use blustacks or droid4x


not app, there is a website !!


idk.. i used for last one year and its fine for me.. can you tell your pc system configuration ? Solo-HTML


For those with lower end PCs, I recommend MeMu. It's fast and lightweight. It's also more flexible. You can install different android versions. Its what I use.


Sujoy Kumar Hens WHAT? You have notifications on SL Web? You can read/write code comments? You can add/read user submitted tutorial? I can continue but these are most importants


yup... 😁 these important things are missing till now.


you can use download nox player.exe is just like BlueStacks just that nox is faster than BlueStacks


By downloading other installations such as the previous answers to this post, they may cause your computer to slow down. we are talking about coding here😐Downloading something just to link to this app...👀Just be careful. computers are just as volnerable as a phone in which is easy to hack. so make suee tou have a fir wall set up as well if you consider installing an app that is linked to a coding program.


just go to


you can use what is called “Android emulator ” such as Memu,Bluestacks ,or Andy, i recommend you use memu


You can use almost every features of sololearn on their official website. So it makes no sense to install an emulator to install the app. Otherwise use can use BlueStacks, remixOS, NOX etc various emulators.


yes you can run any apk file on your PC by installing BlueStacks in your pc


Use airdroid. Install airdroid on both your phone and pc and use AirMirror in airdroid to control phone using pc.


You can try Nox Player , BlueStacks,AMIDuOS,LeapDroid,Genymotion


through their website ...sololearn. com