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Credit card processing for e-Commerce website help.

I have an e-Commerce website, it has a cart and checkout page where the user inserts the following information : name,Country,zip,Credit card number , name on Card etc. Once the user enters all the relevant information and then clicks continue, all the data is sent to a database. My question is how do i carry out the actual transaction after this? As in how am i suppose to make it such that the money goes from the customers account to the business's?

6/16/2018 12:14:41 PM

Mogammad Shameer Losper

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Hi Mogammad! Your payment processing service should have some documentation for hooking up your website to its API. That would be the best place to start. My opinion. -- Janning.


Hi , when you mentioned a payment processing service, are you referring to a payment gateway? and could you elaborate on what you mean by documentation? Thank you for replying


Hi Mogammad, Good question! I think this article is pretty useful for getting the lay of the land in that area: I like it mostly because handling that type of information is a big responsibility and it talks about PCI compliance. Regarding what documentation is: particularly the specifications part. It's generally a good practice to reference the specifications of a software (or language) to see what the engineers intended, then Google any problems you run into that deviate from the documentation. I hope this helps! :)