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True || False

The SQL language can help you in game writing. 1.True 2.False

6/15/2018 7:44:13 PM


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You need other languages to create a game. SQL can be one of the language but you cannot create a game only with SQL.


2 False. You can't make games with just SQL


Ava 🐈 It can be used to store game data.


Generally SQL queries are use to store database and manage information i think you can use Java it help for making game


it might be usefull if you want to make an mmo and need to store some stuff. but it will be useless in most cases


Apparently, SQL is turing complete, so everything is possible. I could not believe it myself, here is the reference: (Still, this would be a silly thing to do, best is to use other languages for the logic and keep sql only for storing data in database) 😁


yes, SQL can aid you in your game production but it must be integrated with an high level language.


You can but not with SQL standalone so its neither true nor false