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Qpython on Samsung Note 8: Enter is not accepted

Did anyone have this problem? A script takes input, so you obviously need enter, but for some reason, the enter/search/ok/whatever button that is on the keyboard layout, isn't accepted, somehow nothing happens, as if the key is dead. What could be the reason/solution for this?

6/7/2018 4:30:33 PM


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Apparently 'Enter' is a special key slot that's bugged people for many years: https://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-s6-edge/help/enter-key-samsung-keyboard-t3094856 Ctrl-M is the oldschool way to send chr(13) -- that's Enter -- but I suspect you won't even have Ctrl. Hacker's Keyboard for Android is a full adjustable keyboard that sends proper scancodes and has PC keys / special chars in sane places, like you'd want as a programmer. You'll lose quick access to emoji but you can switch between keyboards, from the keyboards themselves.


I just lost the Enter key while on code playground!


Wow, that's a new one... I think.


get pydroid much better than qp


Just try Vol-Dn M. It works for me.


Kirk Schafer it doesen't works even with ctrl + m in my mobile (my device is a Samsung Galaxy S3).


What version od Pydroid is compatible with my device (the latest doesen't work)?


Nah, forget it. I even tried to download the 1.0 version and it doesn't work.