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What is the best text editor for iOS mobile?

I am looking for an app to download so I can write code and make a file. Does anybody have any suggestions?

6/6/2018 8:01:53 PM


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If you've not found YOUR platform yet, I would totally recommend CodeAnywhere. It's professionality is unmatched, and can run programs with speed and efficiency. Hope this helped. Thanks!


If you are going to code on your phone I personally would recomend using the 'CodePlayground' which SoloLearn offers, it's very easy to use, as well as nice to use. If not stick to the computer using Sublime Text 3.


Did you try with Codeanywhere? I think it can be a good option.


I think Codeanywhere is good solution. It even supports Android! ^_^


Like Ryan Sullivan (Suvan) said, JSAnywhere is a great app. You can use it to test HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It is FREE. It doesn’t need an internet connection or cell phone signal (you can use it literally anywhere). SoloLearn is the only other app I have for coding besides JSAnywhere. Try it out!!!


I haven’t been on SoloLearn for long and I’m not that experienced at coding but SoloLearn’s CodePlayground seems to be pretty good plus you can access it from right inside the SoloLearn app


I like Textastic.


search JS anywhere


Coda is the best option


The best is Sololearn




CodePlayground i think is very easy to use,so i recommend it to you ,.Wish you like it.


vs 2017 for mac / xcode



Edhita isn’t bad


Coda is not an Texteditor. It is more like an IDE. I think


atom is a good option and i use it on IOS for a while now .


download IOS for your PC and then Download Xcode 😅


with Sololearn app, you’ll often encounter a “time limit error” after delaying seconds for resulting, if you typed wrong method or some of complicated methods to proceed with. I haven’t seen any better than Pythonista so far.


VS Code is very good