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What does it mean !?

what is the meaning of "f" letter in the end of "scanf" or "printf" ? (it was occupy my mind since i seen first time😁)

6/3/2018 5:35:49 PM


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AliR૯za The f at the end of functions like printf and scanf stands for 'format'. Thus printf is FORMATTED printing, meaning that you can use things like %d and %s in it. In math functions a suffix of f usually means float. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/27949512/what-does-f-stand-for-in-c-standard-library-function-names Hope this helps! ☺


Andre Daniel yes, Thank you


Wow, thanks. Good to know.


I thought f was for function, thanks the "Hot Today" section :D




It means format.. Which helps you to add the %d, %f etc