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Hello -- please see our updated Welcome post here: https://www.sololearn.com/Discuss/3021159/welcome-to-the-sololearn-discuss-forums

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This thread should remain at the top FOREVER ;) To all members of the community: THIS THREAD IS NOT MADE FOR CHATTING/ASKING QUESTIONS The sole purpose of this Post/Question/Thread is to make every new member of the community aware of the rules and guidelines of the forum. Therefore, you are advised NOT to comment any type of unnecessary answer(s) in this thread. This thread is NEITHER made for chatting, NOR for any type of Questions. If you have any type of doubts/questions, please make a NEW QUESTION in the forum and describe your queries and doubts in it. You will get better help by doing so, and will help us keep this thread CLEAN and ORGANIZED. And lastly, for your information, most of the common questions asked in the forum are answered at www.sololearn.com/FAQ (the FAQs). Thanks for your understanding! (edited)


Dear Yeva, Thanks for your information and congratulations with the beautifull Sololearn app ! Maybe Sololearn team can create a course with certificate, just like a HTML course, how to ask the right questions, to work and search efficiently, to learn the correct guidelines, to use the appropriate tags etcetera etcetera ? After the course : 1. A bonus of 1000 xp. 2. A certificate. 3. A Sololearn Good Conduct badge. 4. Sololearn Good Conduct challenges. Greetings 🐈 ps : I am just a silly cat.


funny you mention that cyk 😅 https://www.sololearn.com/discuss/103783/?ref=app there is actually a FAQ section in here: https://www.sololearn.com/faq it just might need to be accessible via the app (and maybe expanded a bit) and here is an unofficial FAQ by Mario L. https://code.sololearn.com/W7X805sc4DPC/?ref=app


I hope this somewhat stems the flow of duplicate and/or unrelated questions. Also a suggestion: Limit the amount of images/gifs any user can post to once per day. That way sololearn servers won't have as much traffic to deal with, which means no more weird lagging.


great idea 😉


Thanks for this thread 👍


I'll share this to all of my followers.


Thanks for this.. useful for beginners 😃


Thanks for posting this. Hope it achieves its goal... I think creating a section FAQs where the most common questions and the best answers to these are posted can be very helpful. Just like in the Discussion section we can choose to see trending questions, unanswered question, our own questions and such, I believe the option to see the FAQs could help resolve the issue of duplicate questions... Cheers and keep up the good work at SoloLearn! We, on this side, absolutely love it!


It was really useful. 👍👍👌 For those who may concern about guidelines and doesn't have time/motivation to open it: If your content/post is not specifically on-topic, it can be deleted. Deletions made to questions by SoloLearn moderators, in case: - Content is created with the purpose of attracting spam content. - Posts that are incoherent or otherwise impossible to answer meaningfully, and would not be improved by straightforward edits. - Posts that focus on the promotion of a product or service. - Posts that include inappropriate language, content, or reference...


Note: We should not create celebration threads in QA


Thanks for this thread! It is helpful! These rules will make Sololearn community safer and funner! #GoSoloLearn! https://code.sololearn.com/Wu9U9WbTWQMY/?ref=app


Funny how all of the spammers appear to spam in a thread about not spamming. Or how a spam thread is created for the purpose of stopping spam through spamming. Or how in this scenario no one appeared to post 50+ links to all of the threads exactly like this one. Life is funny sometimes. :) Anyways, thanks I suppose? It's basically the same post that the mods copy/paste to the spammers/etc.. when they're actively violating the rules or the other numerous threads like this one that they link people to. I'm not sure how this will deter those people, since it's not stickied/pinned to the forum, but at least for day or a couple days, they'll see it which is good. The true answer is simply being strict about the guidelines, add a warning/ban system that's used, and force people to follow the rules. That's best method in my opinion, especially considering how many corners of the world this discussion area is exposed to. It is what it is, and regardless of why you made your post (genuine or personal), thanks for doing so.


Good idea.


"...regardless of why you made your post..." - Fata1 Err0r the author of this post (Yeva) is SoloLearn's CEO & co-founder. I believe she's been listening to mods and the community's opinions about cleaning the Q&A and preventing off-topic threads from being posted. We needed her official words to back up our own 😊. I agree with you though, this post should somehow be pinned at the top. Or better yet, the message should be spread out across other sections in the app or when we first access the Q&A ☺


A great thread for all user especially for beginners who doesn't know what to do and mess all around over Q/A section.. Yeva thanks... ☺ #sololearn_changing #better_sololearn


I'm glad to see this! ...and in addition to the above guidelines, you should also read the newly updated Sololearn Privacy Policy at: https://www.sololearn.com/Terms-of-Use/ to learn more about the way your data is being handled by sololearn and whenever you see any community member who's not following the rules, please don't attack the person just report to the Moderators they'll take care of it, who knows you might become a moderator by making reports. Thanks for being here!


i wish most will follow these guidelines and make SoloLearn a Best place for Coding especially beginners !


Burey I know! You have no idea how many times I have posted that link as answers to people. Yes and yes to both things you mention in your last sentence. But my idea goes a bit further than that. It is its placement that interests me. Every time I open the Q&A tab I see trending discussions. I, for one, am rarely interested in those since they often have tons of answers already. Once in a while though they do contain things that are of interest... I digress... What I am saying is having a FAQs or well, the name might be different, section like trending just in the dropdown menu for the Q&A where the most common discussion questions are kept, not just questions about SoloLearn in general but all those other questions that we all know: difference between java & javascript, what does the % operator do and so on...


Hello everyone Welcome to Sololearn this post was created to help you understand the guidelines please do not Spam this post with conversation questions or random comments they will be removed and if you continue further action may be required. Thank you Happy Learning and Coding!!!🙂