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Front-end languages

hello guyz....what are the programming languages one must learn to be a good front-end web developer...

5/30/2018 11:46:03 AM


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As you already tagged, HTML, CSS and JavaScript are a must, but for a front-end development, from a good range of options I could suggest "Bootstrap", which is a framework for developers with little interest for designing, which provide ready to use classes with good looking designs, and "AngularJS" as well, which is more technical and flexible. Good luck Jedy.


Roberto Guisarre yes but you have forgotten php, the server-side programming language


$napdragon there are a lot more great options for both ends of web development, but come to my understanding (please illustrate ) that PHP just like JSP is back-end (software ran by the server, not the browser).


I agree with @Roberto. bootstrap is good, now bootstrap 4 come with the latest CSS that support Flex, responsive grid system and Jquery Plugin.


$napdragon Oh i thought php is just for back-end devs


Roberto Guisarre i haven't seen front end okay but php is a powerful tool for making websites


Roberto Guisarre ...thank you but do you think there is any more...


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