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If I made a chess app and 2 people could play with each other wirelessly. Or, if I made a app that allows people to communicate with each other wirelessly what laguage would support those needs. Any information given is appreciated; thank you

5/28/2018 9:56:31 PM


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I made one with C# and lidgren library. You could try that.

+9 is also a good choice if you are into javascript and nodejs


A bit unconventional idea: in case you don't want to bother with a server... just one thing's - I've tried to use the media capability once... I could not make it run on MAC


These days, when I hear "network apps", I think of NodeJS: "...[JavaScript] designed to build scalable network applications." However...Node is usually run on a server and I do not know if it is relatively hard (like: confusing the issue) for this type of problem. On that page, notice that Node was influenced by Python's Twisted framework: "...networking engine written in Python ... making custom network applications easy ..." and Ruby's Event Machine (article link website is down). Perhaps one of these is useful?


Do you know of a language that specialzes in that sole perpose?