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Why atom is slow ?

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5/28/2018 5:16:42 AM

Mohit Kushwaha

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Slow can mean a lot of things. It also depends on a lot of factors. Atom may be slow on your computer, but not mine. Please try to elaborate your question further. Are you experiencing stuttering/lag, or freezing? Is there any reoccurring pattern which triggers the issue? Or is it just slow in general (app start up, saving files, etc)?


Maybe you have too many add-ons attached to it? Maybe your pc can't handle atom?


There is some type of lagging.


There may be many reasons. You may not have enough storage space or have less RAM (like 1 or 2 GB). If it's extremely laggy, then you can clear storage, reinstall it, or get any other text editor.


because atom uses electron