Suggestion for better life quality in Sololearn.What is your opinion?

the suggestion revolves around the follower&following list. Because i have above 1k follower &around 800 following ,i found managing and personalizing my network very hard cause it is a bit messy. Mainly the difficulty is that they are so many people to check and it is time consuming to scroll over all. In those lists i want 3 buttons that when you hit them,the one get you to the top of the list,the other at the bottom and lastly the one at the middle. "instead of 3 buttons it can be a small arrow that it is a nav-bar and when hit it reveals the buttons" I see this as an life quality improvement and if this happens i definitely see myself doing stuff in sl more

5/26/2018 3:38:36 PM


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id prefer some orgaizing functionality, such as grouping the followers, like g+