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What are the current trends in web development?

What are the current trends in web development? I have done some courses like HTML,CSS,JS,BOOTSTRAP, GIT and some other. I have completed few here in solo learn and also from youtube and other places. Now I wants to know that which are currently trending in web development that can be helpful for freelancing and remotely jobs. Thank you for your time. And thanks to #SoloLearn

5/23/2018 7:54:59 PM

Mehedi Hasan Mithu

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The current paradigm in webdevelopement is JavaScript everywhere and it’s fueled by nodejs. There are also a lot of webdevelopers looking to to native development using react native and similar options. React vue.js and angular 5 are currently the big three frameworks + redux for state management of you don’t use angular. Bootstrap is important and css grids are getting more popular(they will probably replace bootstrap in the long run). The future of JavaScript is probably typeScript and it gets pushed a lot at the moment. Babel is also very important, just look it up, JSX also, it’s basically a Fusion of JS and XML


well html, CSS, JavaScript are anyhow needed language to create Web although they are trending or not.So it's good to learn ,html, CSS JavaScript, bootstrap, php



Thanks Max!