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Is post advertising (in Q&A) legit?

With the introduction of post feature in last update, it is expected that a new wave of advertising/spam might overfill the Q&A section. Since there isn't a clear instruction on whether post advertising is acceptable, I would hope SL mods to clarify relevant issues: - are we allowed to create threads which promote posts in Q&A section? - if the answer is yes, what is the bottom line of posts that can be promoted - if the answer is no, where should we promote posts Any reply is appreciated.

5/23/2018 3:07:57 PM


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The simple answer is no. feed posts (or any post actually) aren't supposed to be advertised in the Q/A. It's there to share coding related stuff with your followers. Use feed to share coding related stuff and the Q/A for asking coding or Sololearn related question.


Per the content guidelines, that would fall under the spam umbrella, because that type of thread is "created with the purpose of attracting spam content" and has a "focus on the promotion of a product or service." If you're going to promote something of yours, make it relevant and present it in a way that isn't spam. For example, saying "Here is my code, like them!" is irrelevant and spammy. However, if you posted up and properly presented your code, what it's about, and actually try to draw the attention of your audience, then you'll be better received because you made it relevant instead of spammy. I'm not a mod, so I'll let them clarify and/or correct me if I'm wrong.


Also, per other mods/users, here are some link you'll find useful toward this question. Some allow you to post your code to them in a spammy way. Per Krishna: Per Shurdarshan:


Fata1 Err0r Lord Krishna thanks for your replies ๐Ÿ™‚ I figured to make use of this thread to help me make the right move & backfire post advertisers at some occasions. Anyway, I will observe SL's reaction to post promoting threads for now.