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Can there be solutions to challenges in the future?

Challenges are really helpful for improving skills. Here in SoloLearn, there's so many challenges, but there haven't been any explanation/solutions to those challenges. In addition to that, players just tends to memorize answers rather than understanding it. So I think a brief explanation for challenges might help those who wants to improve themself... So what do you think?

5/21/2018 9:14:24 AM

Muhammad Hasan

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info sololearn.Also you could write challenge questions on the playground to figure out how they work.There are soo many challenge questions,i doubt sololearn will ever have time to explain each


Thanks for the answer! No solution for each individual challenges is fine, but I think some challenges has quite the same type. So maybe make some solution based on the type would be really helpful So maybe there's an explanation on how to solve • If Conditional Problem • List of Array Problem • etc I think that might be really helpful I hope SoloLearn could some day do this


Hi Muhammad Hasan, It's a nice thought. I think if you start doing so with new post or codes, it might be helpful and it encourage others to do so.