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Plzzz make d program or just write d syntax...

Write the ticket class. Create an object of ticket class. Call its setmoney() function. Check the balance with a call to getbalance(). Now call setmoney() and getbalance() again to ensure that the new balance is the sum of the two amounts passed to the two calls to settmoney().

5/20/2018 7:56:32 AM

Harsh Agrawal

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Harsh Agrawal At least provide your attempts. Show your effort at solving the problem.


nope nobodies doing your homework


Is this an assigment? What have you done so far? You will learn more if you try to figure out the answer first, and we can guide you in the right direction based on what you've got so far..


Brains n Øistein Hauge no i dont hve a idea to do this so plzzzz help me if u nt want to write a program den just write a syntax so it may help me to write dis program so plzzz...............


Google java getters and setters, and read about encapsulation. This will show you the basic structures..


come on are you trying to be funny or what??


wt d hell yrrrr just i need d syntax plzzz ... plz........ plzz..... plzzz.... plzzzz. plzzzzz