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Pros & cons of Java and C++

hi guys I am a bit confused with which language to learn Java or c++ , can you guys please list the pros & cons.

5/18/2018 8:50:59 AM

Ayushman Sen

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Java runs on the jvm and is platform independent, it is also used for Android developement C++ is faster and can be used for lowlevel developement, game developement and most other tasks


C++ is faster and probably more powerful. Java is platform independent. This means that you can easily port it for different operation systems - however, the Java Runtime Environment has to be installed on the system. (I've never seen a computer that didn't have Java installed, but you get the point) If you're planning to learn either one of the languages, I recommend starting with C++. It will introduce you better to object-oriented programming, data structures and memory management. Understanding the machine is an important aspect of becoming a good programmer.