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What are the benefits of self-learning code without a formal degree in CS?

Curious to hear your perspectives!

5/14/2018 12:45:56 PM


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self learning that's interesting well I think degree doesn't matter in the current situation in industries all company just looked for those who have talent and can work with various programming language and make project in those languages if someone learn by their own and get proper knowledge of languages and make good project which are unique too can impress any interviewer and get good job as well as he/she can start and set their own business in that language which only they know and unique in market like today in market game industry and website development as well as android development company all have started working in Angular javascript, node script, react framework ect and in android their are kotlin is currently growing and in game industry the unity engine with C# is used so much if they known these language and have made some projects by which they can impress any company they will get the job very easily on the second note if you are in college and company came to your collage for placement purpose degree matters at that time because company only give you job on judging the degree and what internship you have done in collage if you have worked with some new language which are new in market then you can get the job very easily sorry for so big passage I'm just presenting my view if someone who is experienced programmer can add too in this I'll appreciate that


You can start much earlier like my son started at 9. You can figure out your interests without worrying about grade or future job. There is a down side that companies are less likely to hire you without the degree. But, having gotten the first job, it won't matter for the second and you can get the first.


I am self-taught. It can allow you to have some free time, just learning things by testing them. I wanted to mess with the Google Incognito page, so I learned HTML