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Can python be preferable over C++?

Everybody says that C++ is more important than python and python is useless. So, my query is regarding the efficiency and future existence of python.

5/14/2018 6:50:12 AM

Nilesh Agarwalla

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depends on what you need to achieve each language has pros and cons, but the most important factor in how good a program is at the end is the knowledge and skill of the programmers who made it (and that includes being able to select the best language to implement it)😀😀😀


Both have equal priority. But, Most people advise to learn python first as it is simplest language to learn. I, on the otherhand consider to learnC++ first as it would clear all the concepts and if you master it,then youcan learn any programming language. So it is quite better if you go for C++first and then try Python.


Yes....Python is easy to learn and it's applications over different technologies. Machine Learning Data Science IoT AI nd much more. Python is both object oriented as well as sequential programming language that enables users to work with ease and comfort. It's for sure that future of Python is very bright and C++ stands nowhere around it.


depending upon your requirement. You have trade between speed(C++) and easiness (python).


No both are better. For AI and machine learning-python For game development-c++.remember compiling is faster in c++ and make a logic for programme is faster in need to write few lines in python to make a programme but c++ you need to write many depends upon you which programming language do you like.


A biologist who din't had time to study all the quirks of programming and just wanted to get his job done asked around which language to pick and his friends said python. A programmer will learn python as well coz he gotta speak the language of that biologist who messed up when his code got big & complicated later with python


Deepak Gautam Raj Chhatrala I haven't read everything in this thread, but I wanted to address this device driver example. Drivers have to bind to the operating system.  Therefore it is generally easier to write them in the same language the OS was written in. Furthermore, you generally want a lightweight language to accommodate for porting to devices with low memory. Just my 2 cents


Raj Chhatrala okk bro actually language doesn't matters all matters is your skill every language has shortcomings anyways good luck to you bro👍👍👍👍


I love python forever 😘🤣🤣


Python is definitely better and far more easier than C++


Raj Chhatrala and I think java is much better than C++ so python is better option


Raj Chhatrala actually java is best especially in india as far as job is considered so its better to have skilled knowledge of java and python than sticking to C++


python is a truly amazing language mainly because of the large amount of support and documentation that it's got! but I think C++ is closer to the Operating System than python making it a more sound language for those who are able to understand it


Raj Chhatrala bro actually no language is perfect i just find it bit better


Raj Chhatrala okk bro actually i prefer python any day on C++ its most versatile language


Python is made from shortening the code of c++ to make students learn programming and later it is considered a seperate language because of its simplicity Python is as powerful as c++ and simple as HTML C++ can be used in 3D games development by combining with UE 4 or unity 5 Python can be used for making AI engines and software making eg- Youtube, spotify, instagram are made of python Both are good lang. depend on ur requirements Edit: Consider learning python 🐍 Bro Deepak Mittal is right in 2018 C++ has no value u can start Java later on, If you want to develop advanced games in future as C++ needs alot of coding and 🐍 and Java are everywhere 👽


Phthon is used by backend web developer's & C++ mainly targets on building mobile & desktop app.


Raj Chhatrala i agree bro it's bit slow but it's not that bad


The worst Question Of The Day. And it's been asked before. It's like asking, "Can QBasic be preferable to C?" Yes, I've seen a 3D engine akin to Doom written in QBasic + QB64 (to allow dynamic image loading instead of DATA statements). But how many fps would it have run at in the MS-DOS era? Most people who learn Python only _think_ it's easy because they aren't real programmers: they don't know what they're doing, just how to get from A to B. This is perfect for a scientist working on an end Global Climate Change. But for a real programmer, Python would be a means of delegating work. Say I have a really cool game that uses insane physics. Before the widespread adoption of Python and Lua (and lately others), many devs wrote their own scripting languages for projects. This allowed them to express complex data-analysis or anything else (enemy AI, physics) with relative ease -- or at least a lot more ease than writing a less flexible all-in-one C/C++ program. It also allowed dynamic changes (great for tweaking). So a real programmer will often use Python or Lua or whatever scripts for _parts_ of a program. Python and C++ have different design focus and intended purpose. C++ can be used for AI but it would be much quicker to use Python (though it may be translated to C++ later). Python can be used for games because devs have created projects like PySDL and Ren'Py to give Designers who are not full Programmers a chance to showcase themselves (or lazy programmers). However there are reasons why Final Fantasy whatever was written in C++ and Unreal. Python is great for rapid deployment until a bug appears. If it's a Python bug you're at the interpreter's mercy. In C++ you can fix it, work around it, set conditions for the build process, etc. Also of note C++ is easier to read than Python code when it grows. So Python is very hard to maintain on large scale. C++ is very scalable source-wise and performance-wise. I could go on but post lengths are limited.


Both are the same