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[SUGGESTION] Isn't Lesson factory available in Android?

I have seen some discussions about lesson factory in SoloLearn. But I only see Quiz factory in my menu. So I am guessing the lesson factory not available in my operating system. I would like to contribute by making some advanced C# lessons. And also some best practices tutorials. Please help me find/enable this option. I will be thankful to you. And also mark your answer the best. 😊😉😊

5/13/2018 2:46:29 PM

Cyrus Ornob Corraya

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Can we know what SoloLearn version is running on your Android now? The most recent version is v2.1 and the Lesson Factory is just right above the Quiz Factory in the top right menu bar.


Well I have found the issue. Actually my Play Store didn't show SoloLearn update in "My apps & games" menu because I downloaded SoloLearn from a different account. So I have searched and opened SoloLearn description menu in play store and found that there is an update available. Now it's ok. I'm in v2.1 and also got every new features. Thanks to Zephyr Koo. 😊😉😊


Glad to hear that and you're welcome! 😉


Thats weird! My SoloLearn version is 1.6.1 but my play store says "No Updates Available". Why's that happening??