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Python error: eof when reading a line

my code: a = input() print(a) b = input() print(b) why b can't work...

13th May 2018, 9:16 AM
4 Answers
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Hsu question unclear -> answer unclear if sl playground weird, this is then, not a py related question as is a sl support related question
13th May 2018, 10:36 AM
Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer
Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer - avatar
Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer Same as not solved.
13th May 2018, 9:57 AM
i got it. i use this app for the frist time, not familiar with the rules... :p thank you. Jan Markus
13th May 2018, 10:13 AM