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The Future of Software Development | High UX codes, with great User Interface | Web development for profession

Meat-selling, cooking, fashion designing, you name it, if not already, many such professions will have some sort of web/software development involved. I'm here to address to all the great developers (and gonna-be ones) that spreading the knowledge of this beautiful, riveting, on-high demand profession, will increase your chances of a good job, and a better life.

5/12/2018 3:24:53 PM


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Apple, Google, Microsoft, and other huge tech-giants are striving towards this goal. Be it your family, friends, relative, or even teachers, spread the word. In this discussion, I aspire to make everybody have adequate or at least a little bit knowledge of coding. Employment for computer programmers will decline 8% over the next decade, but jobs that require programming skills are growing 12% faster than the market average, according to Fast Company citing the The Bureau of Labor Statistics. Let us post codes of our own here, which have good User Experience and a good User Interface. I recommend you to take this quiz: McKinsey predicts we’ve got 12 years before 400 million and 800 million jobs may be displaced by automation. What’s displaced mean? Jobs are changing, not going away. In the next 10 years, more non-technical areas of work will need development skills, than technical ones. Will you survive or thrive the technical revolution? Post codes here that you think have a positive impact on the user (meaning it should have good UX and be persuasive, especially when you are advertising a brand [for kids ☺]). I would recommend you to read his, if you can spare some time: It's a 10-minute read, about a former museum guide and here journey to how she became a professional web developer. Up vote this discussion and follow me if you are interested. Keep coding! Stay awesome! ☺!


Here are 2 websites me and my classmate, Deepak Kumar Patro, respectively developed: A Brief about Arcade Games, by Me: And, Fascinating Solar System by Deepak Kumar Patro (hope ya don't mind, Debug!): Please do up vote these codes if you felt they had good UX. Also, comment which one had better UX and post your own cool codes! Don't forget to give us feedback! Thanks! ☺


Interaction Design (often abbreviated as IxD), also plays a key role in your web development career!