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Slider changing animation value.

Do somebody know how to make slider/range changing the animation value of the other object in the CSS? animation : 60s;

5/12/2018 9:30:20 AM

Road_to_ BigStar

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$('#slider').change (function(){ var speed=$(this).val ()+'s'; $('#animation').css ('animation','slide ' + speed + ' repeat infinite'); }); or var speed = document.getElementById(''slider').value + 's'; var ani = document.getElementById('animation');'slide ' + speed + ' repeat infinite';


is this what you were searching for or did i just misunderstood your question


|-------=----| I mean that type range


oh ok, thats something ive been searching for too, i just gave up, but i wish you good luck finding someon who can help you👍


Do you have an example app or can you provide a clearer explanation on what you are asking for. Do you want a slider that moves through the steps of an animation or do you want a slider to change settings of an animation?

0 Range value should change animation value.