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Web site development

Where should i develop my web site and which program i need to learn

5/12/2018 8:51:24 AM


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Here is what you need to learn and this exact order. HTMLCSSJavascriptAny One Backend language PHP, Javascript(with Node.js framework), Ruby, Python, Java, etc. You must learn HTML and CSS to build a static website You can learn Javascript and jQuery to make cutting edge professional websites for today's age Add any Back-end language like PHP, Ruby, Javascript, JAVA etc to add the data engine behind the website.go through this link for step by step to publish it https://websitesetup.org/


I don't know exactly how do you think your question, but none program you need to learn, you need to know HTML, JS and CSS. And I recommend Notepad++ as a program to work with, I use it so.


Idk some people develop their code online platforms but idk details