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When we are on a certain web page and we do a right mouse click on it and select "view page source", where does it take us and what are we seeing ? Is that an actual code of that specific page that we will be typing out after we are advanced enough on our learning of HTML, CSS, JavaScript... languages ? Additionally, if some expert may explain, what is the purpose of "view page source" and practical uses of it. Thanks!

12/13/2016 12:02:34 PM

Sinisa Vukmirovic

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When you open a page in a browser you get the raw html data and your browser is responsible for displaying the page. When you view the source, you are viewing the raw information received from the website. A useful tool called a wysiwyg editor(what you see is what you get). These are used to visually edit the properties of the page. They make it easier and faster to produce code. Some of the code you see may have been computer generated. They may automatically produce some of the code you see. With different tools and stuff. As for viewing source, it can allow you to tweak your code and view the result on the side. Hope this helped!


Many thanks.