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brain Internet connection😶

Is there any way to connect brain with internet?? If our brain is connected to other person's brain so why not internet.

5/10/2018 8:31:32 AM

Muhammad Hasan

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🇳🇬Brains impossible= I'm possible actually in for for future there will be.


what the ?🤔 who says our brain is connected to other persons brain? do you think brain-to-internet connection is possible? how old are you?


At the moment only thing what you can do, is, that you can connect a few nerves to some electrons and measure an electric current. With this, or computer tomography / magnetic resonance tomography or some electrodes on the skin of your head, you can at most deternine THAT the person is thinking, but not WHAT he is thinking. And the human brain is designed in a different way than the memory of a computer. There are projects to help blind people to see. Scientists did couple a CCD-chip to the visual nerve. The picture was, as a test person reported, comparable to a 10x10 matrix with black and white dots.


exactly Mickel Sánchez really


This is a bit random, but when I read the title I thought the post was related to you 🇳🇬Brains lol