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Android P beta now available.

Just got used to Android O? Android P beta is available The new Android P beta has a ton of new UI changes and under-the-hood goodies that should help your smartphone last longer and be more efficient. You can check your device here and enrol if it qualifies for the beta program.

5/9/2018 1:34:46 AM

David Ashton

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thank you very much for sharing this interesting information 👍😉


I'm still stashing cash on "Popsicle", but "Pizza" is as fitting. :>


Does it stands for Pen Pineapple Apple Pen? 😂😂😂


Will be named as Pizza ? 😁


Android Pancake?


GODOFPC The currently qualified devices are listed here


Wow, Android P can save more battery power😀


Android P means Android Py,😂


P for pentagon p for pineapple p for parle p for parrot


Ok Thanks


best part is about google assistant can make calls and set appointments for you !!!


Currently very few devices are running on Android oreo and Google is launching Android P.



robert kiprotich The Android Developers Blog is a place to start



Android P = Popcorn



Vlad Serbu Google and Qualcomm work together on Project Treble for early access to Android P


Hi mani no it's android pistachio


Honestly, I saw 'P' and thought: Android <removed>. Sorry. Serious guesses: Popsicle, Pepsi, Pancake, Pastry, Panecotta. I just wish OEMs would make the choice to not run Android easier, like booting a DVD or thumb drive is on PC. I would love to have Ubuntu Touch or modified Debian on my phone by simply dd'ing the img to an SD card and booting from that. Imagine a phone like a PC. I'm not a fan of Android/IOS, honestly. I'd settle for being able to su to root without voiding my warranty :(