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What is D language?

What is D language? Is it an upgrade version of C language?


12/12/2016 7:14:44 PM

nadir ali

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It's not an upgrade, it is a new language


D is a language that, similar to Java and C#, is an evolution of C++. But it has kept on evolving over time and version 2 of the language has many unique features now. In short: - native binaries (like C++, unlike Java/C# that runs inside a VM) - uses GC (unlike C++, but like Java/C#) - OOP (like C++/Java/C#), but with some FP features (such as function purity). - Very strong templates/template-meta-programming capabilities (like C++, very limited in Java/C#) - Concept of ranges (evolution of the CPP concept of iterators) - UFCS to allow component based programming. - Very powerful CTFE (compile time function evaluation) - etc... (many more) Sorry for all the acronyms, but you can check out the details (and acronyms!) at http://dlang.org.