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The way of the programmer.

What makes programmers somehow similar in behaviour.What are some of the behaviours? 1.Sleep late coding 2.Reciting lines of code in ur mind for stackoverflow where all answers flow 4.trying to work out a bug till you almost cry 😂😂😂 5.reasoning out an algorithm till you call yourself a genius 6.looking for the shortest way out please add on some of programmer mannerisms

5/8/2018 7:44:05 AM


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First you need a Github account Then the freecodecamp account Then connect the freecodecamp account to the github account. Your freecodecamp account will adopt your github username Then use your github username to connect through sololearn.


My way: 1. Get an idea 2. Program 3. Be stuck on a bug that had the easiest solution. 4. Sololearn doesnt want to save my code so I reset the website and it deletes it. 5. Nearly cry 6. Program it all over again. 7. Post it on Code Playground 8.Hope you get likes but the only like you have is yours. 9. Repeat


link the github to the freecodecamp first


Thank you 😆😆 . about the username... basically anything u want. The username will be the one you use for your github account


ouch 😂😂😂


my way: 1. get a cool code idea 2. try making it 3. realize im too newbie to do it 4. still try 5. make a mistake 6. do Ctrl - Z until it is like at the time it worked


About me:: 1. I get triggered when I find the word 'public'😂 2. I become excited when I find the word 'web developing' in my textbook 3. I feel uneasy when I do not learn new things 4. I write down code idea in my book


l swear some days are like a bad joke from an old 90's comedy 😅😂😂😂


1. come up with an idea. 2. headsets on. 3. plan( write the idea down). 4. code. 5. cry. 6.Realise ; was missing. 7.continue 😅☺


1-Think about the problem to resolve 2 - Draw It on paper 3- Divide the problem into smaller problems And draw It 4-start programming


Congratulations U have found ur Dopleganger in coding Barracoder


my way 1.think of what to code 2.write the ideas down 3.try it in play ground 4.then i will get consoles line 7 not defined 5.try it again for minutes and hours 6.then celebrate after being successful


Mah Wai ↓ ↓ 1. Use a high end device with easy debugging tools. 2. Do coding while sleeping and make new programs. 3. Diagram out the sprites and the output of the code in how it's displayed. 4. Try other coding languages to see how the program will turn out. 5. Publish your code on GitHub and SoloLearn playground to amaze everyone and tell them how good it really is. 6. Go upvote and like your own code because you know it's totally awesome and you spent your 9000+ hours on that thing. 7. Advertise that piece of code because it deserves to be famous. 8. Make it a paid project so you can get paid for that work.


//Some programming question My way 1. write int main ( ) 2. think...think...think 3. program


1.) Learn the line of code. 2.) Try to remember the line of code. 3.) Use the line of code. 4.) Get used to using the line of code. 5.) Create a whole code where you use that line at least once. 6.) Repeat the process, sometimes on the same line of code if you forget it. 7.) Never post the code or even use the code on SoloLearn because of not feeling confident enough that the code is amazing or will work. 8.) Think about when Step 7 will change. ...... 9.) Spam your friend after you stare at your laptop screen and type randomness to fix a bug that just doesn't want to be fixed. (waits an hour til the friend responds that they don't know what's wrong and then feel that what a waste of time that was and go back to staring at the screen til I am about to break down) 10.) After hours of coding, falls asleep at desk for a couple of hours and gets up to see the bug is still not fixed and is tempted to throw laptop out the window. 11.) Gets angrier because of the voice of my friend playing Fortnite on the other side of the room.


1.get a cool idea 2.Try to make it and fail 3.Ask for help and only get upvotes 4.start challenges in order to distress 5.loose to someone of a lower status


Life of a Programmer in Song Form: 99 little bugs in the code 99 little bugs in the code... You take one down, patch it around, 100 little bugs in the code.


Barracoder how should me user name look like


Barracoder Congratulations 😱😱😱 PLATINUM LEVEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


CPP4LIFE Why would you like your own code