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I am creating a project on Library Mangement System.I choose JavaFX and Oracle as a database. I am creating project first time.I have two question. Q1. I want to create a table into user system during installation time. How can i? Q2.As I am creating a project by using Oracle as a database. If Oracle is not installed on the user computer, how can an Oracle command execute on user system?

5/8/2018 6:14:38 AM

Faisal Rahman

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The user interacts with the database via SQL queries. You can create a new entity in the database using a CREATE statement, but that probably isn't necessary (and isn't what you want to achieve).


Since Oracle is the database, it must be installed. I will suggest you use the OEE (Oracle Express Edition) Database as it's a lighter version. These are your solution 1) Complete all your necessary coding and database development using your system. 2) Use virtual box (VB) to test run everything assuming it to be the client computer before actually deploying to the client system. Ensure same architecture of OEE is stalled on both systems, then import the database into the VB before actually creating the table.