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Tools for learn RGB css colors?

5/5/2018 9:46:13 PM

Cristopher Pereira Moreira

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Red Green Blue xx xx xx x is a hexadecimal value (0 to F) not much more to it besides experimentation ;)


few helpful links of online tools I use for picking colors in the code itself


In RGB each color is represented by a number 0 - 255. 256 positions. That's 2^8. In Hex there are 16 numbers 0-F. To get 256 we need 2 hex decimals. 16×16=256. So for red The RGB is 255, 0, 0. In hex that is FF (16x16=256, but it starts at 0 so 255). 00 is 0 for G and 00 is 0 for B. 00 = 0 01 = 1 0A = 11 1F = 16 etc So when you look at a hex you probably won't know the exact color but you can guess because you'll know the relative amounts of r g and b. Practice with a color wheel in your favorite graphics software or on a website to see what the different combinations do.