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How do i get my codes seen

Im having trouble getting people to see my codes how do other people promote their websites, Computer applications,and games on sololearn

5/5/2018 4:16:25 PM

Zeke Taylor

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Please use the designated threads for advertisement.


DrChicken24 And I am answering it.


DrChicken24 The thread does not reflect him having problems with his codes, instead problems with the visibility and advertisment of his codes, which are addressed. Threads acquiring help for programming issues with codes attached would surely be welcomed.


Just keep coding! Keep commenting on pages, like other peoples codes, ask questions, and did I mention keep coding? Eventually you will get noticed. You can also post codes here and ask for feedback on them and such. I will check out those codes above! Happy coding! -DrChicken24


I just checked them out, and the HTML code doesn't run, and the RUBY one has an error. I don't know RUBY, so I can't help you with that, but the HTML one I may be able to help you fix!


Hatsy lay down, he is asking a question, too.


Well, I guess, but what about someone asking for help on their code? They wouldn't post it there... Its just you kinda sounded a lil demanding, in my opinion. Maybe I'm wrong though.