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Do while looping in Python

I’m stumped, any ideas on how to create a do while loop that will loop 3 times. That involves having a user input a password and finally getting that password right in order to move on.

5/5/2018 1:31:57 PM

Janice N Pierce

6 Answers

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my try getting EOFerror but it's not my code issue run it on pc may it will work fine


No once it’s correct it will move on. But the user gets three opportunities to check his code


am not sure, how about u try using the 'take while', without the parentheses


Your going to check password 3 times or its like if password is correct it going to exist from while loop


Check the password 3 times and then once successful move on to the next part of code.


Means even it's correct still your going to check ?