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Does anybody code in Julia ?

Julia is a quite new language and I would like to meet people who know well this language. I need to realize some projects for my informatics lessons

5/5/2018 12:08:02 PM


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Larissadhrt He might be right. I know a couple of machine learning Python followers, who openly admit Julia's advantages. However, as history tells us, it is often not the strongest of the species that survive, but the one most responsive to change ;)


Out of curiosity -- I don't know Julia yet, but it is interesting that it is taught in school. Is that a common thing in your country or just a single case?


Jan Markus uuups Avatar mit Akne und so ein Post.. Kommst du in die Pubertät?


@ Oma Falk Da hast Du zum Glück auch noch ein paar Jahre vor Dir bis das eintritt.


Jan Markus jaja... vor dem Erwachsenwerden graut mir auch.


I could imagine very different things with Julia instead of coding...


@ Oma Falk Ja, inzwischen schon zum 4. oder 5. Mal. So etwa beim 3. Mal hab ich aufgehört zu zählen. Deshalb hab ich jetzt etwas den Überblick verloren.




Kuba Siekierzyński No, even in my country it's not popular at all. But my teacher says that julia is the future of coding


i've actually done my own test for python vs julia, with a pythonic mindset julia is slower than python, i'll come back tomorrow with a screenshot(currently on my phone)