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Are there any experienced developers here?

Hi all, I am a software engineer with 12 years of experience, my friend told me about SoloLearn and its amazing community. I was wondering if there are other experienced developers here and how can we make this community better?

5/4/2018 8:21:04 AM


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website developer,ive helped people in creating more than 100+ websites now,6+ years of experience Also studying stuff now and then,but i always hope to improve,Love This Community


Web development, db admin. 19 years now. html, css, js, jquery, php, mysql, mssql, Oracle, Angular, Ionic, C# LAMP and WAMP stacks A little light server maintenance as well Some networking stuff picked up over the years from various IT guys.


Backend Engineer (C++, Node.js), 8 years.


I dont have a job which inculde coding. I still doing it for the lulz. But its nice to hear that SL got a good reputation. I have suggestions for single courses, but not for the app. Maybe a mentor- programm.. I help a guy who isnt not as good as me in Python. Some guy who is better than me helps me in Python and so on. Or little projects in which we could work together.. dont know exactly..


Oh. That's my mistake Kuba Siekierzyński sir. I didn't see your code about you first. Bryant , there are some teachers on SoloLearn and teachers are always experience ones.


10+ years of professional development experience here. Currently, I am a system developer.


(Akash just a *minor* remark - I am not a dev, and surely not an experienced one ;)


Hi to you Bryant sir. The SoloLearn Community is really awesome. I didn't have such a experience like you all. But this just a start for me. I have just learned programming for 1 year on SoloLearn. This community is great. There are many experienced developers here and some are Moderators. Kuba Siekierzyński and Ace are some of the experienced developers here. We all always try to help each other in any way possible and we also share our codes and post helpful threads. Nice that you have joined us here on SoloLearn. Try to help others as you are experienced one. There are many things in which we can make this community more helpful and better. Just wanted you to try those helpful things.


i am proud To bE with you all guys


10+ years running own business and selling real world solutions to clients including major franchise, govt, SME's etc... I'd like to see more focus on CSS. Clients focus on what they can see and design and final presentation makes a big difference. The better something presents, the more clients will pay. 1. introduce CSS challenges. Plenty of developers on here to write questions. 2.Encourage better styling of existing apps in code playground. 3. Transition from learning code to writing code to selling code (and seeing real world, end products being showcased by those in SL community just my thoughts....


I like those ideas Sven!


i am start learning with programming languages (cpp) one month ago on sololearn, looks like coding was changed my life.... (´▽`)


Yes 5 years total still learning.


...2months experience right here ☝️🤣


sure full stack developer. 14 yoe React, Angular, .Net Core, PHP



✋ front,end developer now 😁


Yes, there are. In fact, Nikolay Nachev, all time top SoloLearner, is a full stack web developer.


I am a beginner in programming and study software engineering. I am also happy to join Lee SoloLearn ​​and communicate with you. I will continue to learn and practice in order to develop and upgrade the experience. Thank you to the amazing Sololearn community.


since 2yrs here i can make a nice website from scratch in a day or 2 ...with only simple text editor.html/css/js/php...with required material Available img/sound/video/docs/articles etc...