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Java, Python or C++

Which one is best among Java, Python or CPP and where to dive in deep?

5/4/2018 5:54:54 AM


2 Answers

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It varies. C++ is the best choice if 1. You are comfortable with the syntax 2. Performance matters a lot in your program. 3. You understand programming logic and algorithms, not just implementing library functions. Python is the best if 1. You want to learn coding in 1 minute and say 'I am a coder!'. 2. You have an extremely fast microprocessor capable of running dog slow interpreted code quickly. 3. You want your code to look beautiful, regardless of what it does. 4. You can memorise a lot of built-in and 3rd party modules. Java is the best if 1. You can deal with its greedy owner. 2. You are comfortable with its clumsy OOP syntax.


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