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Are There Any Batch Programming Courses On Here?

I have been working with batch and visual basic programming for a while now and i was wondering if anyone else had some code i could find insight to. if not i might make a course on one of these languages soon 🙂

5/2/2018 10:52:52 AM

Connor Berghoffer

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what do you wana make with batch or vbs. if its something to troll your friend youtube is going to help you for sure


No, but sources like YouTube can teach you lots about batch. But honestly, languages like C++ and C# are going to be much more useful to you than batch


Feichtinger Andreas Nah I am using it for various things. last script i made was a program that send you an email everytime you computer is turned on. kind of a security thing


Brayden Parker I also know javascript and a few other languages. i just use batch because it is native to windows and i like the challenge. I am asking this question to find out if there is anyone who likes the same stuff as me 😊.